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    About the Owners

    Co-Founders David & Amanda Williams met in 2010 while both serving in international missions onboard the missionary book ship MV Logos Hope.  They were married in 2014 and continued to serve people through their real estate business with international missions remaining dear to their hearts.

    After a few years of working for a larger firm, David & Amanda began to feel like things were out of alignment. They felt called to be more transparent with their business and their faith, which led to the launch of their own Real Estate Firm called Selling to Give – Real Estate with Real Impact.

    Selling to Give’s mission is to be your trusted partner in real estate with a vision to be the most trusted real estate firm in the Triangle. While this is an incredible vision for the Real Estate Firm; owners David & Amanda have their own vision for every local real estate transaction to have a global impact which led them to the creation of their own non-profit foundation.

    The real estate firm is the vehicle through which owners David and Amanda are able to contribute funds into their non profit foundation which is actively supporting individuals and organizations around the world that are transforming lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ, including the ship where their story began.

    If you’re interested in more information about David and Amanda’s private foundation, please click here.


    The entire team is amazing. They are professional and extremely dedicated to making sure their clients have the best experience possible. The team is prepared for any issue that may arise and tackle it until it is resolved. I cannot recommend the team enough.
    Melissa Young

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